The Story Behind 'Yooleah'

Hey fellas (and dear loyal readers eh, eh?) The name "Yooleah" took off when I  moved to the U.S. in 2012. To make it easier for the anglophones to understand the pronounciation of my foreign name, my smart 15-year-old self started explaining it to them by spelling the name phonetically, which turned out to be yooleah.  Yoo-LEAH! Ok, it most likely won't sound right regardless of your efforts, but I do appreciate you trying. The point is that I started using yooleah as my username on different sites and it just kind of stuck with me all the way until I came up with the idea to start a blog in 2015. 

On a final note on the matter, the real correct spelling of my name is Juulia and yes with two U's and to answer what everyone is always thinking: no, it's not a typo.



(that you didn't ask to hear but which I'm going to tell you anyway)

  1. Fashion is my religion

  2. I'm obsessed with my instagram account and I use the word aesthetic in connection to it more than I wish to admit

  3. I have an LL.B. in European law from Maastricht University

  4. I intern at a fashion and lifestyle brand instead, doing mostly digital marketing

  5. I have a twin sister and a younger brother

  6. I used to play ice hockey for a while but I sucked at it

  7. I'm from Finland originally so my sucking at ice hockey doesn't make any sense

  8. My real hair colour is dirty blonde with red hues. Some unimaginative people may call it light brown. 

  9. Reading books under the "cozy crime" genre is my crime of passion (ha, see what I did there???)

  10. I'm really good at baking cookies and making panko chicken