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My Top 10 Muses of Instagram

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

I have lately been struggling with finding inspiration on instagram. I think a big part of this can be credited to the commercialisation of "influence". Now the place where I could see posts of personal style choices and opinions of people I respected and admired, is saturated with ads and paid partnerships. I'm not saying that this is completely a bad thing as it does enable talented people to make a living on instagram. I totally respect the hustle. The problem is created when I lose the feeling of authenticity as the audience. Some accounts seem to be driven solely by paid partnerships and money. I want to see what these people would wear to work, a casual coffee run, or say, a night out. I lose interest when it's painfully clear that all posts have been drafted by a team of people, typically to showcase whatever is subject to the add. Cool as such, but doesn't give me much help when I'm figuring out what to wear as an ordinary mundane to mundane events of life.

In result, I decided that perhaps it was time to reinvent my following list, and find new instagram muses to add some fresh wind to my feed. Here is the list of my new and old favourites including inspirational women paving their way in the fashion industry:


Ok, man repeller deserves to be the first on my list because in fact, this is an account that has lasted through the bulk of time unchanged and very much remains what it started as: a collective of journalists and fashion industry experts musing about different fashion phenomena and their personal stylistic choices. Kudos!


This woman is super cool. I pressed "follow" the moment I saw that she is the founder of the female collective. When I think of the word influencer, she's the woman I'd imagine carrying the torch of that term. Her chic style almost comes as a bonus.


A.k.a. the owner/founder of Oraclefox. An editor, artist, and a designer presented in one woman. She's the one instagram muse who I've followed for years and she's still as inspiring as ever. I could make this whole post a long love letter to her, but I'll keep it short for your sakes. All I'll say is that she has an incredible eye for composition and aesthetics. She's a fresh breath of air to any feed, her style very current, and yet when I think of her instagram account, it seems somehow adrift from others. I've always gotten the vibe that she doesn't really care what others think, she's just here to do her thing for the love of creation.


A journalist, a speaker, a consultant, an owner of a podcast, and a mother. I gave an instant follow if only for the very well incorporated cheetah (or leaopard?) print trend.


She's a designer and the founder of Les Fleurs Studio. Her style is so unique that her posts still seem authentic to me despite some adds.


The global buying director of Net-A-Porter. I imagine that all the employees of Net-A-Porter come to the office in heels and chic prints that no ordinary human can pull off.


The founder and creative director of the brand Rouje. The epitome of a cool parisienne.


She's the the co-founder and Chief Brand Officer of Moda Operandi. The epitome of a classy working woman. I wanna be her when I grow up.


She is the founder of All the Pretty Birds. The way she's able to combine prints and colours without looking cheap is simply wizardly, and also quite frankly, unfair. She is able to jump from an explosion of prints in one look to a simply lined look in the next. She also uses her voice to promote women's rights.


She is an illustrator for the Sartorialist. I would have included a video of her riding a bike in a flowy multi-print dress because I found it iconic, but I think my post would have jammed from too much data transfer, so please go check her profile yourselves.


I wish, I wish, I wish, that Amal Clooney had an instagram. Thankfully there is an official fan account which allows us to follow her iconic style from afar. Who says that you can't save the world and look darn good while doing it? I suppose she wouldn't really count as an instagram muse but she is most definitely a muse, and as this is my blog and I do as I want, I elect to end this post with pictures of Amal. Your welcome.

That's it folks! Kisses until next time.

Besito besito,


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