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The real last minute halloween costume ideas

If you are reading this because you need inspiration on creating a last minute halloween costume – then wow – you really were not kidding about the last minute part. Not to worry though, because I have come to your rescue with perfect costume ideas made of something that you surely have at home: Tinfoil!

In order to help you out I called on some friends and family to help in coming up with the most creative ideas for a last minute (or second) halloween tinfoil costumes. Naturally, only the best of us could meet this challenge. Here are the inspirational tinfoil costumes, starting with mine:


Materials used: Tinfoil, a blanket, a fork

Ahh, I know what you are thinking. "Is that a fork?" No. It is the wand of Maleficient. Surely she has a wand if she's a witch, right? Also, she is a sophisticated queen so clearly she carries a glass of red wine with her at all times.

I don't mean to toot my own horn – or shall I say two horns (haha) – but my head piece was so great that my friend's mom ended up wearing it to a party.

2. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

Materials used: a backpack, tinfoil

The important question here is, which ninja turtle is she? This one is easy to replicate as everyone would probably have these materials at home. For extra commitment, you could also dress up in green underneath.

3. Gandalf

Materials used: Tinfoil

Ah great twins think alike! We clearly had "a wizardly icon" theme going on between us. She said this costume was supposed to represent "just some wizard" but it's CLEARLY Gandalf from LOTR. I also suggested a Hogwarts student wearing the sorting hat, but I'm not sure she took on to the idea. For this look, you only need tinfoil, so it is the perfect choice to wear to a student house party. Extra points for presenting the look in it's intended context: A student flat.

4. Captain Hook

Materials used: Tinfoil

The intermediary level for tinfoil captain hook. For more advanced tinfoil artists I would suggest adding a hat and an eyepatch out of tin foil as well. On the other hand, this look is genius. The hook speaks for itself and if you misplace it at a house party during an intense beer pong match, you can always borrow some tinfoil from the host and make yourself a new one!


Materials used: Tinfoil, manual adhesive by physical touch

A woman with a poorer imagination might suggest a mere sheriff. However, paying attention to the small size of the gun, as well as the facial expression, one eventually arrives to the only correct answer: Woody from the Toy Story 2 Re-enactment HD "Woody's Lost Hat".

6. A CAT

Materials used: Tinfoil, a cute outfit

This look is a classic choice if you don't want to pull a "Cady at the Plastics' Halloween Party"(Mean Girl reference). Also, minimal tinfoil usage goes into it, so it's thrifty and effortless. For extra effort, add some whiskers with an eyeliner.


Materials used: Tinfoil, paper, a hat, tape (?), a hammer from the previous halloween, some mad snapchat skills

Thanks to being acquainted with Thor only through Chris Hemsworth it took me a moment to realise that those white little flaps where the wings attached to Thor's helmet (the hat). Notice also the tinfoil buttons, which where part of Thor's uniform in the original comic.

Obviously points also for the visual presentation.

So that's it for this years amazing halloween costume ideas. I just know that you were all very inspired after reading this, and will wear a tinfoil costume to tonight's halloween party.

Happy Halloween,


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