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I Fell in Love With Edinburgh

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

Hi, it's me again with my shitty iphone photography. I swear I'm repairing my broken camera before the next trip but for now you are stuck with my phone and I, again.

I think that the key to loving Edinburgh is to full heartedly embrace the doom and gloom atmosphere of the city. In my opinion the more grey the sky is, the more authentic your 'scottish experience' is. It somehow fits the mysterious nooks, crooks and gothic towers of Edinburgh. However, I wasn't too upset when in the evening, after a day of grey clouds and slight drizzle, the skies parted just in time for the golden hour, revealing a bright blue sky.

Edinburgh is the perfect city for a lazy tourist, such as I, who enjoys strolling through the city, sitting in unique small cafés, and visiting an occasional museum. Edinburgh also offers a good scene for vintage shopping.

If I were to give you advice for your trip to Edinburgh, I think the number one thing I'd say is to time the trip during the Fring arts festival. On the last day of Fringe, the city organises a firework show of two hours with the fireworks shooting up in sync with live music. I have honestly never seen a more impressive and beautiful firework show. I had my mouth hanging open the whole time.

Also another tip for the Harry Potter fans is to skip the Elephant and check out the Spoon instead, which according to my local friends is where J.K. Rowling actually hung out... Even though I'm pretty sure that there is a great chance that she has visited most coffee shops in Edinburgh, given that she used to live there.

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